Most important strategies and therapies that truly strengthen the human organism:

1. Breathe deeply, at least five times a day for three to five minutes in clean open air! Stop smoking asap! Each cigarette lowers your energy level! While you breathe, mind your breathing! Focus on it; it is the best exercise to build up energy and to reduce your stress-level. If you are not certain how to do it, call me, I will gladly help!
See how your nervous system reacts negatively to smoking a cigarette and positively to a special breathing technique:

2. Drink clear, plain warm water (1 litre per 25 kg bodyweight a day at least),
without carbonic acid! Reduce or avoid coffee, alcohol and softdrinks! Bear in mind: all other drinks but pure water count as food!

3. Meditate and pray, think about things you love and appreciate!
Laugh! Laugh! Laugh!
Be grateful for all that is good in your life and focus on it!
Every second you do so, your energy level will rise. Anger, fear, sorrow and distress will reduce your enregy-level considerably, which means that you will lose power. This has an immediate effect on our immune-system! So find ways to think about “things you want to have” rather than thinking about “what you don’t want to have”!

4. Eat freshly prepared organic food and home cooked meals, with the fewest artificial additives possible!
Avoid fast-food and ready-made meals! Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits and make sure to get enough good protein. Quit sugar as much as possible! The virus loves it!

5. Additional vitamins and minerals should origin from organic and biological sources, because our studies could prove that our body “does largely not speak the language” of the artificial stuff, hence our organism does not accept it or, at worst, our immune-system is waekened considerably.

We do have special recommondations from our doctors in case first symptoms occur! If you need support please write to me personally!

6. Do moderate exercise, avoid extremes!
As soon as symptoms occur: rest, rest, rest!

7. Get enough sleep!
Regeneration starts when you close your eyes! A good sleep is neccesary to build up new cells and to wake up fresh and well-rested in the morning. Studies with 24 hour HeartRateVariability monitoring have shown that an adult needs between 5 – 8 hours deep sleep to recover well.

8. Add Vitamin D3 and Omega3 to your daily supplements.
Here are the precise dosages as recommended by our doctors:

  • Vitamin D3: 10.000 I.E. for 8 weeks (afterwards  5.000 I.E. (60 to 75 kg)
  • Omega3: one tablespoon for a person with 67 kg

9. Relieve your pain and strenghten your nervous system with SCENAR-BEAM
This home treatment reduces pain with a success-rate of more than 80% without any side-effects: 

Originally SCENAR was developed for the Russian space program in the late 70s of the last century. The idea was that cosmonauts could treat themselves in space whenever they got sick. It worked pretty well in orbit, so the scientists made thousands of studies to prove the effects of the SCENAR Therapy. (I, Brigitte Bolech, have been using SCENAR-BEAM now for more than 15 years and it has never let me down. Even after my brain-operation, the SCENAR-BEAM Technology brought back all my body functions within days and I did not even need any pain-killers! It was just amazing to see, how fast regeneration can start, when the body gets the perfect inputs.) We have thousands of measurements which show similar results. Please be aware that there are many copy-products of SCENAR BEAM available on the internet, which do not produce the desired and measurable effects, as they all seem to lack the original biofeedback features.

10. “Transfer Faktor” regulates your immune-system with outstanding results and protects through natural “immune-intelligence” with more than 400% effectivenes

“Killer-cells” are the front-line fighters of our immune-system. If our system is strong, it will be able to handle a virus attack without major problems. These magical polypeptide get our immune-system fit and keep it in balance.

To enable our body to survive any attack of harmful intruders, nature has equipped us with the live-supporting “Transfer Faktor”, a bodily substance which all species receive from their mothers. With the very first breast milk (colostrum), our immune-system gets all necessary information on how to fight attackers like dangerous viruses, harmful bacteria etc. Discovered back in 1949 by Dr. Lawrence Sherwood, it is a well-researched product: more than 3.000 publications and several prestigious awards, among others “Best Immune Supplement” (2019/USA).

When we came across “Transfer Faktor”, it immediately attracted our attention, and in our own research work, we were able to prove the outstanding efficacy of this unique polypeptide and we are in the position to make its impact with our “heart-beamer”- HRV-measurement device visible.

It is the best support for our immune-system – we have knowledge of – during this challenging time. Our research and my personal experience, however, have shown that it is important to know, what dosage will bring about these outstanding results.
And by now we could already support several Covid 19 patients very successfully with our recommendations. To know which dosage works best for building up and maintaining a vital phalanx of killer-cells to be naturally protected against the virus at this time is by far the best protection measure I can recommend, based on our research work and last but not least my own experience

Not only from our experience of working with numerous cancer patients,
we do know that Transfer-Faktor does support miracles! It is an intelligent immune-modulator, which enables our organism to make full use of our unique self-healing and self-regulatory powers. Besides: it does neither contain milk nor egg and no negative side-effects have been observed.

If you want to know how to order it at the best possible conditions, I recommend seeking support from our newly established ”Emergency Team”

Call via WhatsApp or Signal +43 677 637 597 33

They all speak English and will gladly help you with information on the perfect personal dosage and they can also provide you with information on how to order via internet.

Yours Brigitte