My personal message for you!

Today, my dear English speaking friends, I write to you as president of the
HRV Research Institute ( to pass on some key findings of our research work, which we will publish on the internet by coming week, however in German only.

The field of research of our Institute (a team of renowned medical specialists, university professors, doctors and stress experts) over the last 15 years has been the wide range of positive influences on our immune-system, our over-all body regulation and our nervous system, in a nutshell:

“What does truly strengthen our organism?“

The present crisis makes us realize that the only way we have now to stay healthy and fit is to build up our immune-system. In the following I am sending to you an abstract of our essential insights, based on our research work as well as on our medical practice.

I am most grateful to be able to do so, as we can express all our findings without any limitation since we have never been funded, neither by pharmaceutical industry nor any other institution.

I compiled a brief list of relevant strategies and therapies that truly strengthen our immune-system and our overall-body-regulation:

Important to know:
Stress and fear can block healthy reactions of our immune-system!
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Yours Brigitte