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Transfer Factor regulates your immune-system with outstanding results

The effect of “Transfer Factor Plus“ on a cancer patient.

In our initial measurement the 57 years old cancer patient has a physical body age of 76 years. His organism performs on a very low level of 29%, while 50% would be normal and healthy. His nervous system signals a very high stress-level, his body is in a high mode of using itself up and at the same time in deep exhaustion. In a healthy body the Total Power should be between 2.000 and 5.000 whereas our cancer patient has only 536 available to be able to react to all internal and external impulses.

“Transfer Factor” regulates your immune-system with outstanding results
After taking “Transfer Factor Plus” the patient’s body regulation immediately doubles, his stress disappears completely, his nervous system changes into a relaxation mode, in which his body can make full use of its self-healing potential, which results in an amazing rejuvenation: his biological age is literally halved, 36 instead of 76 years! Transfer Factor boosts his Total Power from 536 to over 2.400, which enables him to process four times as many stimuli as before.

Also Testing “Glutamine Prime” – another product of Transfer Factor provided once more outstanding results, pushing up the Total Power from 536 to incredible 9.020.

Measurement device: heart-beamer HRV/ECG 
Measuring method: real-time measuring of the nervous system via noninvasive HeartRateVariability