Video: Scenar BEAM Treatment

SCENAR BEAM treatment proves outstanding results

According to the initial measurement, a young patient, although suffering from chronic pain (heel spur) was in good over-all-physical condition.

After a SCENAR BEAM pain-treatment his physical performance jumped from 50% to 100%, at the same time his organism entered into a deep relaxation mode, in which his body can make full use of its self-healing potential. His Total Power jumped from 2.400 to 9.500.

After several SCENAR BEAM treatments the patient was free of pain, as this biofeedback therapy does not only alleviate the pain but empowers the body particularly to carry out its essentially important repair work.

Measurement device: heart-beamer HRV/ECG
Measuring method: real-time measuring of the nervous system via non invasive HeartRateVariability